augus organizational management software

‚Äčis a hosted web-based customer relationship model designed to manage the membership, financial contributions, donations (both monetary & physical) of any organization. It has the ability to include expense accounts that will help any organization's accountant keep its books orderly.  AUGUS is capable of recording income/revenue as well as expenses, thereby being useful to both the customer service, operations, and accounting teams.

crimson integrates industry standards

  • Security - only assigned users can access it
  • Accountability - users' actions are recorded
  • Modular separation of functions
    • Financial Admin (only financial stuff)
    • Membership Admin (only member management)
    • System Admin (full access to perform any task)
Why you need it to retain satisfied customers
  1. Automatically inform your clients that their vehicle is repaired and ready for pickup via text &/or email
  2. Automatically send messages to clients reminding them of when to return for service (Ex. Oil change due in 1 week)
  3. Utilize a Repair Queue so vehicles are worked on in the order in which they arrive
  4. Always be aware of which cars are on your lot, to whom they belong, and what work was done on them
  5. Assure your clients that they won't miss appointments and service dates
  6. Retain satisfied customers (Repeat business brings success)

crimson church management software

is a hosted web-based customer relationship model designed to manage church membership, financial contributions, physical and monetary donations, ministries or fellowships, and visitors.  The application serves as an information panel to query members and their dependent children.  Crimson is a central source of vital information that can be used for church planning and growth management. 

automotive repair tracking & alert management

is a Windows-based desktop and service Customer Relationship Management software with a SQL Server back-end that functions as a stand-alone application.  This software increases efficiency in the automotive shop by storing client information, associating the vehicle brought in with the client, and recording the fault and fix performed, and generating a receipt for the client.

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medical transportation management

(currently in development)

We are developing a hosted software solution to improve efficiency, save time, save money, and optimize the customer experience in the medical transportation industry.

  • Modular separation of functions - What each user can do within the application is determined by the category of access assigned to them when their accounts are created.
    • Financial Admin (only financial stuff)
    • Membership Admin (only member management)
    • System Admin (full access to perform any task)

AUGUS integrates industry standards

  • Security - the application is secured with assigned users having to enter their credentials to gain access
  • Accountability - all activities are recorded, including the name of the person logged in, exactly what they did, the date, and the time of their action

advantages of using crimson to save time & money

  • Bulk generation of End-of-Year Tax Letters with 3 clicks
  • Report generation available anytime (24x7)
  • Track payments & donations (print donation receipts)
  • Outreach Tool to communicate with members (24x7)
  • Promote minor dependents to adult membership with 1 click
  • Track leadership of various departments or committees